Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watching God Work

Whoosh! It's been so long, and so much has happened...

My co-worker's double massectomy is scheduled for the 8th... things are getting a bit scarier. My co-worker called me a week prior and told me how scared she really was. She explained everything that was going to happen, and how as it was getting closer and closer the more freaked out she was getting. I sent her a "prayer email" and later on she specifically requested that I meet with her on the 7th to pray for her after work got out.

Wednesday Jan. 6th... I sent a phone call out for some work-related question I had. My Co-worker kindly answered it, and then wanted me to guess what she was doing... She said she was in the HR office and there was a bible on the desk... she said that she had just asked Jesus, "that if He could please let her, that if something happens, that He would let her come to heaven with Him..." I asked her what that meant exactly. She said she asked Jesus in her heart! I WAS ELATED! Talk about something to celebrate! I was so excited! I knew that the next day when the prayer was scheduled would be that much more special for her. I had asked several more people to join us then...

Something that I had never expected to affect me the way it did... I called our co-workers, our former boss, my parents and more... I told everyone I could think of! I was so excited! The next day... the 7th... An owner of the company, the CEO, my current boss, 3 co-workers, the HR, and my co-worker going for surgery all sat in a room talking about faith, and encouragement. All the things that the Lord has to offer her. She shared that she felt as thought a huge burden had been lifted. "Last night was the first night I have actually slept in over 2 weeks!"
We then had a very emotional but truly amazing God lead prayer for her... encouraging her and asking for God's protection... it was fantastic!

The next day, surgery went a little longer, but it all went well... she is now at home resting and getting better... healing slowly... but doing really well! Love it! She is an incredible lady! So happy and excited that she will be spending eternity with our Savior! YES!!!

So... after those things life is good! With the bits of time I have, I made a trip to Oak Harbor to visit a friend! It was great to catch up and stay with her family! Her daughter is so adorable! :) So fun!!!

Well, signing out!

Until next time~

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Financial Peace through Coffee

Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Revised is being revisited! Yes, I said it! I have discovered that I need a little more discipline and a lot more savings! lol. Who doesn't? I took this 13 week course less than six months ago, but I'm already seeing a huge slide in the way I am handling my money!
**Example: I LOVE White Chocolate Mocha's. They come is sizes of $3, $5, and $6+. I like the $5 ones... ;-) What I am finding though, is that I enjoy more than one a day. Quite an expensive habit, if I say so myself!

So... through not saving, and making some outrageous purchases lately... I am unofficially, officially on a money strike! No more spending just to spend! Just enough to pay bills, buy food, and keep my car running!

Week one of Financial Peace University (FPU) is called SUPER SAVING... It's what I intend to do. Baby Step #1 is to get $1000 in the bank... ready, set, SAVE!

Here I go! Off to a good start... we will see what morning brings... :)

More to say later! Good night All!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions, Recognizing Relaxation, and Roaring forward!

Well, Never thought I would start a blog... but here I am writing away... People say that there is a ton I could write about, and I guess now we will get a chance to see if that's a fact or not! Let's start off with an easy one, shall we? :)

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time in the day?

One of the first things I decided to do this year was to slow down a bit and to focus on things that really mattered... right now feeling like that is all too impossible. My first goal of the year was... the obvious... get healthy! Just to find time to exersize, and take time to stop and smell the roses. I have currently decided (4 days into the new year) that you can easily "stop and smell the roses" in your mind, but physically slowing down seems to be tough. I keep telling myself "the time to exersize will just kind of appear one day, and the time slot on each day of my planner will miraculously open up..." Did you know that that just doesn't happen? lol.

The second thing I set as a goal for this year was to start off organized... I am currently on day 2 of the re-organizing/re-construction of my bedroom, planner, bank accounts, and lifestyle... can you call it quits on this in one week? I don't know... but I am sure going to try! (I will get back to you later and let you know if I accomplished this...)

Number 3 goal for 2010 is to get deeper with God... In order to do this, I feel like I need to accomplish goals 1 and 2 fully! (I don't think it's actually necessary, but I feel like it is...) I feel like the best way to do this is get in a regular routine meeting with a spiritual mentor, being in a small group, and attending church... among other things...

As it stands my schedule for 2010 is quickly starting to fill... how to balance life is still beyond me... just a few things I am involved in (by default or new commitments) are as follows...

~Working full time as an accountant
~Working part time in the school district (about 6 hours per month)
~Being a full time Young life leader including meetings, clubs, and camps
~Leading a Campaigners group for my freshman gals
~Worship team
~Womens Bible Study
~College Small Group
~Meeting with a Spiritual Mentor once a week
~Teaching Guitar lessons

Oh, and did I mention, I like to hang with my family and friends every once-in-a-while too? lol. Seems nearly impossible over the next several weeks....

Well... sleep is calling my name...

Untill next time...