Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching up a bit...

Do you ever feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?
I feel like I have spent the last several months starting to weed out things in my life... (I have to stop there and say that all were good things that I LOVED doing, I was just doing too much)... and now I came to the realization today that, for me, this will probably never stop! haha!

I love being busy! Not the crazy-can't stop-can't see a light out kind of busy, just a life-full-of-stuff-people-on-the-outside-think-I'm-crazy kind of busy.

A few things to catch up on...

My brother is getting married in August and it's been super fun to be involved in the plans and getting to know my future sister-in-law better! She is the BEST! :) But with all the wedding plans unfolding, it makes me wonder... Will my time ever come? Am I doing something wrong? Do I even have time for someone if the right guy were to come along? For all these reasons and much more, I can truely only give it over to the Lord! My thoughts, desires and so much more only belong to Him! In that I can find peace!

In other things... My summer has begun and is fastly moving forward! I have a camping trip (or 2) planned with friends at Lake Tyee (near Concrete, WA) and can't wait to share what that experience is all about! It's at a property that my co-worker owns who has graciously offered it for me and whoever I want to come join! It's awesome! I get to check it out next week! Pictures to follow on that one for sure! :)

My softball team is up and running as well! We have a great team this year and currently hold a 5-1 record! Best yet I think! :) (however we have had the possiblity of 10 games, 4 of which have been rainned out... but they will be made up for sure!)

Next on the summer agenda, I head off to Malibu Camp in Canada in Mid-July with a little over 50 FHS students! Can't wait! I love it up there! The amazing scenery, the solitude away from life, the ever-changing hearts of the students, and the pure fun and joy the kids (and leaders) have while there! All that while being smack dap in the center of God's creation where the distractions are few! There are 27 girls (including 3 leaders) going so far and I am really looking forward to seeking lives transformed! :)

Well, enough of a catch up for now... I am currently waiting for my clothes to dry for work tomorrow then off to bed! But maybe I will just read another chapter first...